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No filter, no make-up: “style over substance” is a thing of the past! We long for something genuine – natural and authentic. For true friends and real happiness. Because less is often more! The new fragrances by s.Oliver SO PURE help to bring out the personality of the wearer.
Thanks to their pleasant, enveloping scent, they are the perfect companion in everyday life. s.Oliver SO PURE Women and s.Oliver SO PURE Men exude ease and concentrate on the essential: feeling comfortable in one’s own skin and enjoying pure life.


The fragrance of s.Oliver SO PURE Women gently blends into the skin. The tangy citrus notes in the headnote, complemented by green ivy and the fruity freshness of apple, ensure the wearer feels good and simply smells wonderful. These are joined by floral accents embedded in gentle cashmere wood. The soft base with warm ambrox and woody notes rounds off this velvety fragrance.

The fragrance of s.Oliver SO PURE Men is pleasant and appealing. The freshness of bergamot, crunchy green apple and spicy cardamom in the headnote promises a harmonious fragrance experience. Fresh floral notes combine with aromatic lavender in the heart, warmly enveloped by amber and woody accents in the final notes.


Scandinavian design is well known for its simplicity and functionality. Inspired by this understated aesthetic, the s.Oliver SO PURE bottles have a minimalist design with expressive accents in the trend colours of pastel pink and deep blue. 
The folding boxes are also very stylish – the style element of colour blocking is continued on the outer packaging of s.Oliver SO PURE Men, and the delicate diamond pattern of s.Oliver SO PURE Women evokes Scandinavian fashion and interior design. Two fragrances – one design statement.

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